♥Student of Life 101♥

Jul 26 2014

Learned a lot last night.

I found out that one of my supposedly best friend had not been talking to me because i “broke Michael’s [my ex’s] heart”.  And that he joined the USCG to “impress” me. And that she couldn’t understand why I did what I did. And that he put his career on hold so he could live with me and then propose.

Seriously?! So we were friends for three years not because of we were happy and got along but because of who I was dating. 

And yeah, that was the reason he joined *so much sarcasm*. Considering he didn’t join until after we broke up. 

And yeah, because I never encouraged him to get his own career or do his own thing while we were dating *even more sarcasm*. 

And yeah, I was going to let him live up here with me with him having no job and no prospects of a job and living on a small one-person income in the DMV area. Because that would have been the healthy way. Remind you, he wanted to propose when we were fighting and asked him would that really be smart to propose while we were having issues. He said yes because you’d get married and work them out. UM NO. BACKWARDS!


Guess I’m finding out who my friends are. 

Jul 18 2014
"I won’t forget you, but I may forget your name."
AJR - the song “I’m ready”
Jul 4 2014

such a happy breakfast.

waffles smothered in nutella and fresh strawberries.

my reward for having a freezer worth of food. thank you fourth of July sales! 

Jul 2 2014

Bed vs. Couch

So I was telling David that I took on the couch when he spoke up and asked me why I took naps on the couch when I have my bed.

First off, I must take a lot of naps on the couch for him to notice I take all my naps on the couch.

But secondly, and more importantly, I never stopped to think of why this is, taking naps on my couch. I don’t know. I just don’t even think of taking naps on my bed; it’s almost a foreign concept. That, I feel, would upset my balance of naps and actual sleep.

Just a random thought of the day.

Jul 2 2014

108 vs 101

DC is actually hotter than MS. But when the temperatures/heat indexes are past 100, does it even matter at that point?

*sucking down cold powerade as I speak and wait for my shuttle outside after working out*

Jul 2 2014

It’s all about the after-prep.

So I went running for the first time in months yesterday afternoon. Not gonna lie, it felt pretty good!

Afterwards, when I got home, I took some pain meds and used Icy-Hot.

Woke up with the best sleep I’ve had in a long time and no sore (just tight) legs!

Ready for round 2? Never but I’ll do it anyways.

It’s all about the post-prep.